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Songs Like Quilts: Songwriting Workshop with Taja Cheek (September '23)

Songs Like Quilts: Songwriting Workshop with Taja Cheek (September '23)

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All access to lecture recordings, songwriting prompts and all course materials for Taja Cheek's songwriting workshop taught in September 2023. By purchasing this past course, you're able to watch Taja's lectures and go about the course at your own pace!

Taja's class includes five lectures titled:

1. Mistakes that Worked

2. Transitions & Songs Like Quilts

3. Field Recordings

4. Creating Layered Vocal Arrangements

5. Collaboration

This course also includes 4 songwriting prompts based on the lecture content of classes 1-4.

Testimonials from September 2023 Students:

"Taja - thank you for your time and sharing your process! The way that you broke down your intuitive writing style was amazing and opened up a lot of new ideas for me. I especially loved your encouragement to just try things!"

"Ummm, thank you x 1 million times! Being a fan of L'Rain, it was a major treat just being able to listen and hear Taja talk about her process and experiences directly. I appreciated how generous she was in each session, and I felt like she made everything feel so accessible and conversational...Inspiring!"


This "Past Course" includes:

  1. Class Video Recordings – Watch all 5 of Taja's lectures + Q&As on her songwriting process.
  2. All course materials, including songwriting prompts crafted by Taja.
  3. Access to the "community jukebox" – upload your new songs to the jukebox and share the tunes with fellow classmates!



Q: What musical experience should I have?
A: People across all musical levels will be able to gain something from the course. However, it will be helpful to be comfortable playing a few basic chords on any instrument of your choice.
Q: What if I’ve never written a song before? Can I still participate in this workshop?
A: Yes! As with any new skill, just starting is usually the hardest part. This workshop will provide the structure and accountability we all need to get started and follow through, for beginners and old guard writers alike.

Q: What is different about watching this past course versus participating while the workshop is run live?

A: By purchasing this course, you'll have access to the same resources as the students who took the course while it was running other than the live songshares.

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