Who we are

School of Song is run by a collective of musicians based mostly out of the Los Angeles music scene. We tour in bands, write and record music, and are deeply committed to our instruments. We're passionate about making music and just as passionate about sharing our love of music through education.

Why another online music school?

Learning music online is often an isolating experience. While there's no shortage of music education content on the internet, we know subscription-based websites can be uninspiring and private lessons can be unaffordable.

In our view, the best musical growth happens when learning alongside friends. At School of Song, your peers are people who inspire you to make music. People who listen to the music you listen to. People you’d grab a coffee with before class and a beer afterwards. Future friends, collaborators, and bandmates. 

Our courses are structured around student interaction — if you miss a day, we miss your face. Outside of class, we strengthen and sustain our tight-knit community through our Discord server and song-sharing website.