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Keep Things Moving: Songwriting Workshop with Chris Weisman (April '23)

Keep Things Moving: Songwriting Workshop with Chris Weisman (April '23)

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All access to lecture recordings, songwriting prompts and all course materials for Chris Weisman's songwriting workshop taught in April 2023. By purchasing this past course, you're able to watch Chris's lectures and go about the course at your own pace!

    Chris' class includes five lectures titled:

    1. Lyrical Slippage
    2. Word Painting and Alternative Bass Notes
    3. Non-Harmonic Tones, Stringing Along, and Odd Groupings 
    4. Voice Leading
    5. Modulation and Tonicization 

    This course also includes 4 songwriting prompts based on the lecture content of classes 1-4.


    -- Testimonials from April 2023 students --


    "This class was honestly life-changing for me. I was inspired to take it because I'm working through The Artists Way and some magical synchronicities happened, and I am so grateful for the space you cultivated. Your willingness to share openly about yourself, your thoughts, your music enabled me to create openly and I'm really proud of what I was able to make. Thank you!" 

    "I found Chris' lectures, Q&A's, stories, and ideas very valuable and enjoyable. I've watched the recordings from the alternate class each day, that's how much I enjoyed it. I appreciated how Chris conveys topics for people of any background, like "this is how it sounds, and this is the theory behind it if you care about that" Chris responded considerately and helpfully to every student who shared homework feedback or asked a question, which I also appreciated even as an observer. This was my first experience writing lyrics and prior to the workshop I was convinced I could not do it. The quick free-writing prompts really helped me get over the hurdle and now I have written four songs I am proud of. This workshop lit up something within me and I'm grateful for the experience."

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