Breakout Room Instructions for Songwriting with Adrianne Lenker (12 minutes)

  • Go around the room “popcorn” style — the current speaker chooses the next speaker. Start with whomever has the soonest birthday.
  • When it’s your turn:
    • Introduce yourself: name, pronouns, and location.
    • Then, go to your nearest window (if none are nearby, the room you’re in will work). Describe in plain (but detailed) language what you see for about 30 seconds. Feel free to pull up a timer on your phone to keep yourself on pace.
  • While the speaker speaks, everyone else: close your eyes and carefully listen. Try to imagine yourself in their space. Once they are done, take 20 seconds to write down a few words/phrases that capture the scene they described. Write whatever comes to mind — you’re not scribing. If you can, type your responses in a document.
  • Go around the room until everyone has introduced themselves. We’ll send out timers at the halfway mark (6 mins) and a 1-minute warning.
  • If you’re done before time is up, feel free to chat about what you’re looking forward to in this workshop!