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School of Song

Songwriting Workshop with Xenia Rubinos

Songwriting Workshop with Xenia Rubinos

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Taught in a live online classroom setting.

We’ll meet on Sundays and Thursdays for 5 total sessions:

  • October 2nd, 6th, 9th, 13th, and 16th (2022)

for lectures with Xenia and song-shares with fellow classmates. There are 2 sections for every class to accommodate different time zones.

  • 11:00am-12:15pm PT

  • 6:00pm-7:15pm PT

You can attend whichever works best for you. There’s no need (/no way) to indicate which time you’d like at checkout. Information for attending the lectures will be sent out the week before the first class. If you can’t make the lecture times, the lectures will also be recorded and sent out afterwards.

Here is how it works:

  1. We’ll meet on zoom to focus on a specific approach to songwriting, and discuss songs as case studies that reflect this approach.

  2. Xenia will provide a short and specific prompt related to our discussion.

  3. Over the next 3-4 days, everyone will write & record a song inspired by the prompt. We’ll post our songs to a private platform where everyone can listen & comment on all of the songs written by the rest of the participants.

  4. At the next class, we will listen and provide feedback on one another’s songs.

We’ll repeat this cycle 5 times over the course of two weeks.

The deadline to sign up is Saturday, October 1st at 11:59pm (PT). Sign up with a friend to receive a 20% discount by clicking here. *note* if you sign up using the discount and end up not being able to take the course, we cannot issue a refund, but you will be provided a credit for any future songwriting workshop. 


“Writing music is how I exist in this reality, it is so much a part of my identity and such an intimate practice that I never thought about teaching until now. In this season of my life I’m realizing the most profound way to grow is in community. I am curious about having an exchange of ideas in which we can deepen our practice and connection to music making. It’s with great excitement that I announce my upcoming songwriting workshop with School of Song!
My goal in these classes is to follow the rabbit hole of my curiosity to discover and deepen aspects of my own writing process with you as well as experiment with using embodiment practices to reconnect to our instruments and music brains in a new way. In my music I often recycle and reuse material with a minimalist approach to both composition and arrangement. I want to explore together with you how to get the most mileage out of a few solid ideas. 
Manifesting a vision for a musical message is a process I cherish and has led me to make some pretty wild music I am so proud of. I want to delve into the process of gathering influences and inspiration from disparate mediums and how those inform a work that can defy categorization and become something that feels singular and true. I want to turn songforms inside out with you and challenge how we think of structure when writing a song, to take our music somewhere unexpected.
In this new venture with School of Song, I can’t wait to share with you about my process and try new things together that spark inspiration and deepen our collective connection to music making."

- Xenia Rubinos


We’ll explore the following topics in this workshop:

  • Using embodiment practices (body movement, gestures) as part of our writing to reconnect with music making in a new way

  • Recycling/minimalism in composition: how to get the most mileage out of a few ideas in writing and production

  • Creating visual and audio archives of references and inspiration (moodboarding) to guide the compositional process 

  • Removing the classic song form from your ideology and writing without a hook in mind


Q: What musical experience should I have?

A: People across all musical levels will be able to gain something from the course. However, it will be helpful to be comfortable playing a few basic chords on any instrument of your choice.

Q: What if I’ve never written a song before? Can I still participate in this workshop?

A: Yes! As with any new skill, just starting is usually the hardest part. This workshop will provide the structure and accountability we all need to get started and follow through, for beginners and old guard writers alike.

Q: How many students are in the class?

A: This is a lecture-style class.

Q: Will Xenia give me feedback on my songs?

A: Due to the class size, we cannot guarantee that you’ll get Xenia’s feedback on your songs. However, our teachers are active on our song sharing platform and may leave comments on students’ submissions.


If after the first class you feel the course is not a good fit for any reason, you are welcome to a refund on the rest of the course classes. We are unable to process refunds after the second class.

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