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School of Song

Songwriting Workshop with Bridget Kearney

Songwriting Workshop with Bridget Kearney

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Taught in a live online classroom setting.

We’ll meet on Sundays and Thursdays for 5 total sessions:

  • December 4th, 8th, 11th, 15th and 18th (2022)

for lectures with Bridget Kearney and song-shares with fellow classmates. 

There are 3 sections for every class to accommodate different time zones. 

  • 9:00am-10:15am PT

  • 3:00pm-4:15pm PT
  • 6:00pm-6:45pm PT**

**Note for returning students: This class schedule is different from our typical times. All three sections will include our usual song-shares. However, the 6pm (PT) session will NOT include a live lecture from BridgetIf you can’t make either of the two lecture times, the lectures will also be recorded and sent out afterwards.

You can attend whichever works best for you. There’s no need (/no way) to indicate which time you’d like at checkout. Information for attending the lectures will be sent upon signing up for the course. 

Here is how it works:

  1. We’ll meet on zoom to focus on a specific approach to songwriting, and discuss songs as case studies that reflect this approach.

  2. Bridget will provide a short and specific prompt related to our discussion.

  3. Over the following 3-4 days, everyone will write & record a song inspired by the prompt. We’ll post our songs to a private platform where everyone can listen & comment on all of the songs written by the rest of the participants.

  4. At the next class, we will listen and provide feedback on one another’s songs.

We’ll repeat this cycle 5 times over the course of two weeks.

The deadline to sign up is Saturday, December 3rd at 11:59pm (PT). Sign up with a friend to receive a 20% discount by clicking here. *note* if you sign up using the discount and end up not being able to take the course, we cannot issue a refund, but you will be provided a credit for any future songwriting workshop. 


“The first song I can remember writing was called “Walking Along in the Forest” and I wrote it when I was probably 5 years old. I can still recall how thrilling and invigorating it was to sit down at the piano and plunk out a series of notes that sounded new and good to me (what I would now call a “bass line”) and then hum another series of notes atop it and come up with words to narrate the spirit of those new notes (what I would now call a “melody” and “lyrics.”) Without even having the language to describe these things, I was able to experience the joy of creating a new song and sharing it with people. Soon enough my family knew the words too and would sing along when I played it, or even request for me to play it (and admittedly sometimes had to request for me to STOP playing it.) This is basically the feeling I’ve been chasing for the last 32 years of writing and performing songs—that magical moment between having nothing and then having produced “a song” that expresses some part of yourself, communicates that to those that hear it and has the potential to last forever. 

Since that first song, I’ve developed a lot of other techniques to employ in the great pursuit of song, things like “melodic rhythm” and “narrative voice” and “harmonic modulation” and “arresting first lines” and “post-choruses.” With so many parameters to play with, the possibilities are truly endless, which can be intimidating at times. But zooming in on each of a song’s fundamental building blocks can help us learn to strategically pull those levers at the perfect time to create maximum impact for the story we’re trying to tell and the feeling we’re trying to communicate. In my class, we’ll talk about some very practical ways that we can use all of the tools in our songwriter’s toolbox to get us to an ever richer, more mature and nuanced version of that feeling I had in 1990 plunking notes out on the piano and realizing, with utter delight, that “chorus” rhymes with “forest” and thus completing my first song’s lyrics as such:

Walking along in the forest

Singing a song, with a chorus too

(The song actually does not have a chorus! Excellent use of “poetic license,” young Bridget!) 

- Bridget Kearney


This course will cover several different pillars of songwriting such as:

  • tasty little morsels of melody
  • lying in song
  • also telling the truth
  • rhythm in everything
  • duraflame firestarters for starting a song when you think you don’t have any ideas (because you ALWAYS do!)
  • the what-do-i-do-in-verse-2 conundrum 


Q: What musical experience should I have?

A: People across all musical levels will be able to gain something from the course. However, it will be helpful to be comfortable playing a few basic chords on any instrument of your choice.

Q: What if I’ve never written a song before? Can I still participate in this workshop?

A: Yes! As with any new skill, just starting is usually the hardest part. This workshop will provide the structure and accountability we all need to get started and follow through, for beginners and old guard writers alike.

Q: How many students are in the class?

A: This is a lecture-style class.

Q: Will Bridget give me feedback on my songs?

A: Due to the class size, we cannot guarantee that you’ll get Bridget's feedback on your songs. However, our teachers are active on our song sharing platform and may leave comments on students’ submissions.


If after the first class you feel the course is not a good fit for any reason, you are welcome to a refund on the rest of the course classes. We are unable to process refunds after the second class.

Questions? Email us at

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