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School of Song

Private Voice Lessons with Lou Roy

Private Voice Lessons with Lou Roy

$96 per lesson, 10 lessons per semester


- you'll meet with your teacher individually every week for fifty (50) minutes for a semester (total of 10 weeks) over Zoom.

- after the first lesson, your teacher will send you a customized 10-week curriculum specific to your personal and artistic goals

- after each lesson, you'll receive an email that clearly explains what to practice for that week, including documents and links to supplemental instructional material 

- the semester will culminate in a final project that will be collaboratively decided on between you and your teacher. the project will serve both as a challenge to stretch your skills and capabilities while also remaining in service of your artistic pursuit and vision. 

- if you'd like to discontinue lessons at any point during the semester you will be refunded in full for the remaining lessons. 

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