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School of Song

Music Theory for Songwriters (July '24)

Music Theory for Songwriters (July '24)

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Taught by Laura Jean Anderson

Eight (8) 75-minute classes, twice a week. Limited enrollment.

Taught in a live, interactive classroom setting on Zoom

  • Tuesdays and Fridays, 10:00a - 11:15a (PT)
  • July 2nd, 5th, 9th, 12th, 16th, 19th, 23rd, 26th.
  • Classes are recorded and sent out after class. You do not have to be able to attend every class live to sign up.

In this course, you will learn the basic tools of music theory useful for expanding your own songwriting palette. We will listen and analyze songs to better recognize and label specific types of melodic and harmonic motion so we can integrate what we love about other songs into our own songwriting. We will explore and deepen our understanding of how chords and chord progressions work, ways to play in and out of a key, and how to add color to your chord progressions through chord extensions. All of this to increase the clarity in which you're able to communicate with other musicians and get you closer to making the music you want to make.

Topics covered:

  • The Musical Alphabet
  • Scale Degrees
  • Roman Numeral Analysis
  • Chord Tones
  • Triads
  • Borrowed Chords
  • Secondary Dominants


This is an entry level course. However, it will be helpful to be comfortable playing a few basic chords on any instrument of your choice.

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If after the first two classes you feel the course is not a good fit for any reason, you are welcome to a refund on the rest of the course classes.

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