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School of Song

Songwriting Workshop with Bartees Strange

Songwriting Workshop with Bartees Strange

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Taught in a live online classroom setting.

We’ll meet on Sundays and Thursdays for 5 total sessions:

  • February 12th, 16th, 19th, 23rd and 26th (2023)

for lectures with Bartees Strange and song-shares with fellow classmates. There are 2 sections for every class to accommodate different time zones. If the class size surpasses 200 people, there will be a 3rd lecture session added.

  • 11:00am-12:15pm PST

  • 6:00pm-7:15pm PST

You can attend whichever works best for you. There’s no need (/no way) to indicate which time you’d like at checkout. Information for attending the lectures will be sent out the week before the first class. If you can’t make the lecture times, the lectures will also be recorded and sent out afterwards.

Here is how it works:

  1. We’ll meet on zoom to focus on a specific approach to songwriting, and discuss songs as case studies that reflect this approach.

  2. Bartees will provide a short and specific prompt related to our discussion.

  3. Over the following 3-4 days, everyone will write & record a song inspired by the prompt. We’ll post our songs to a private platform where everyone can listen & comment on all of the songs written by the rest of the participants.

  4. At the next class, we will listen and provide feedback on one another’s songs.

We’ll repeat this cycle 5 times over the course of two weeks.

The deadline to sign up is Saturday, February 11th at 11:59pm (PST). Sign up with a friend to receive a 20% discount by clicking here. *note* if you sign up using the discount and end up not being able to take the course, we cannot issue a refund, but you will be provided a credit for any future songwriting workshop. 


“I believe that music can be as easy to make as you make it. And that every song made presents a clue that can be used to solve the creation of other songs. To me, songwriting goes beyond the song itself. The sounds, the room and the tools are just as important. And ultimately, everyone does it there own way. I believe in the modular nature of music. How every song is a lesson that can be used within or out of its natural context. I’ve built my career by bringing sounds and ideas together that don’t seem like they should fit, until they do.

Over the course of our time together we’ll work though my process of low-impact and low-stress writing. The process of chipping away at a song until the song, in many ways, finishes itself. I’ll also show you a few ways to get out of roadblocks that can slow writers down.

Songs can be modular, they can be fluid, and they can come quickly - with time. And hopefully as we work together I can help you make your songs, EPs and Albums feel less daunting. "

- Bartees Strange


We’ll explore the following topics in this workshop:

  • Low impact writing -- Writing music on a rolling basis (always capturing little things here and there every time you pick up an instrument) can take the pressure off of writing and can make finishing songs easier.

  • A song within a song -- Learning how to challenge listeners' expectations & shift perspectives by writing a song 'within' a song.

  • Let the tones lead you -- How can we create a familiar space for our listeners? one that evokes the feeling “i’ve been here before”? We'll discuss the importance of understanding the sonic landscapes of music that you love and how to develop your own sonic palette.
  • Writing with your strengths in mind -- developing an awareness of your strengths and weaknesses in songwriting, and using both strategically. 


Q: What musical experience should I have?

A: People across all musical levels will be able to gain something from the course. However, it will be helpful to be comfortable playing a few basic chords on any instrument of your choice.

Q: What if I’ve never written a song before? Can I still participate in this workshop?

A: Yes! As with any new skill, just starting is usually the hardest part. This workshop will provide the structure and accountability we all need to get started and follow through, for beginners and old guard writers alike.

Q: How many students are in the class?

A: This is a lecture-style class.

Q: Will Bartees give me feedback on my songs?

A: Due to the class size, we cannot guarantee that you’ll get Bartees's feedback on your songs. However, our teachers are active on our song sharing platform and may leave comments on students’ submissions.


If after the first class you feel the course is not a good fit for any reason, you are welcome to a refund on the rest of the course classes. We are unable to process refunds after the second class.

Questions? Email us at

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